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Our firm zealously works to ensure our clients receive compensation for the labor and materials they provide to construction projects.


Construction Liens

Construction liens provide a powerful remedy for construction professionals and others who provide services for buildings and other property. This type of a lien provides the construction professional with a security interest on the property that they’re performing work on, ensuring their work is paid for.

The general theory for a construction lien is that if the construction professional is improving the property’s value, they should be paid for those improvements. If the property owner does not pay, then the construction professional should be entitled to receive the money from the property itself.

However, because it is such a powerful remedy, there are many rules that construction professionals must follow to meet the legal requirements for having a lien. There are numerous time requirements and deadlines associated with filing and notifying the owner about a construction lien in Oregon. 


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Kelly McCann, Esq.​

Kelly McCann's practice is focused primarily on real estate and construction. With a unique background as a construction manager and real estate analyst, Kelly is considered the go-to expert for anything ...

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