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Leading Oregon Construction Fraud Law Firm

Our firm zealously works to ensure our clients receive compensation if they fall victim to a construction fraud scheme.


Construction Fraud

Have you been tricked into hiring a contractor who represented it would do one thing, and then, after hiring the contractor, did something completely different? This is construction fraud, and it runs rampant through the construction industry. 

Oregon law provides a fairly strong set of laws designed to protect homeowners against this type of fraud. One of these laws is called the Unlawful Trade Practices Act. Under the Unlawful Trade Practices Act, a homeowner must prove that the contractor made a representation to the homeowner that it either knew or should have known was false, and the homeowner suffered some loss as a result of the false representation. 

We oftentimes find these claims arise both in the quality of the work, and in the price the contractor quotes for the job. For example, on a recent case, the contractor represented it would perform its services "perfectly" while also telling the homeowner it would not charge for the general contracting services it was providing. Because the homeowner did not have any experience in construction, the homeowner relied on these representations. These representations enabled us to bring a case under the Unlawful Trade Practices Act on behalf of our client.  


Let us put our experience in construction fraud to work for you.

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Kelly McCann's practice is focused primarily on real estate and construction. With a unique background as a construction manager and real estate analyst, Kelly is considered the go-to expert for anything ...

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