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Contingency Fees: An Alignment of Interests

When you are in a lawsuit, whether as plaintiff or defendant, time is crucial. A lawsuit saps time, energy and money. Every month that goes by means more distraction to you and stress for you. And, if you are paying your lawyers by the hour, every month also brings a continually larger legal bill, with new people billing (many of whom have never tried a case at either a court or in an arbitration hearing), increasing rates and other spiraling costs. And you are still no closer to conclusion. You may find that no traditional firm will handle the case except on an hourly basis at rates that you simply can’t afford. At the same time, those attorneys might have little actual trial or arbitration experience.

We represent clients on a contingency basis and we try cases. We like to take the risk of litigation with our clients and we are only paid when the case is over. That means we spend every minute with the same goal as you: conclude the case with the best possible result in the shortest time frame and the most efficient way available. We have significant big firm commercial litigation experience and extensive trial experience. Kelly McCann started his career at one of the best litigation boutiques in the country. If you are interested in putting that experience to work for you, give us a call.


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