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What warranties do Oregon condo owners receive from the developer?

The specific warranties that condo owners in Oregon receive from the developer may vary depending on the terms of the purchase agreement and the applicable laws in Oregon. However, there are some common warranties that are often included in developer warranties for new condos in Oregon:

  1. Warranty of habitability: The developer warrants that the condo is fit for human habitation and complies with all applicable building codes and standards.

  2. Warranty of good workmanship: The developer warrants that the condo has been constructed in a workmanlike manner and with materials that are of good quality.

  3. Warranty of quiet enjoyment: The developer warrants that the condo owners will be able to use and enjoy their units without interference from the developer or other parties.

  4. Warranty against defects: The developer warrants that the condo is free from any defects or deficiencies that could affect its value or safety.

These warranties typically last for a certain period of time after the condo is completed and/or sold, and may be subject to various limitations and exclusions. It's important for condo owners to carefully review the terms of their purchase agreement and any applicable warranties to understand their rights and obligations.


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