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Oregon's Top Construction and Insurance Law Firm

Our goal is to get you the best results, as quickly as possible. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

It's Free Unless We Win

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It's Free Unless We Win

Burnside Law Firm is Contingency Fee Based

Retainer Based

Contingency Fee Based

Thousands of Dollars to Hire

Free to Hire

Motivated to Bill Hours

Motivated to Deliver Best Results

Pay even if you lose

Pay only if you win

Not specialized 

Focus on construction and insurance law

Represents anyone who will pay

Represents only homeowners and property owners

Oregon's Top Construction and Insurance Law Firm

Never Settle for Less

Never Settle for Less

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We fight for homeowners against construction companies and insurance companies. 

Some attorneys settle for less, but not us. We are prepared to present your case in the strongest terms at trial.

We never settle for less, and neither should you. Contact us for a free, confidential, no-risk consultation to get the best outcome in your case. 

Our Team

Our Founding Partner

Kelly McCann, Esq.​

Kelly McCann, a seasoned leader of battle-hardened, sharp, and tenacious construction and insurance law experts, heads Burnside Law Firm. With a laser-like focus on obtaining rightful compensation from construction companies and insurance companies, McCann has earned his reputation as a champion of...

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